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someone who plays a bugle

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Last year the firm recorded the small loss and turnover of PS12m, and in the year ahead Bugler forecasts growth.
We're a dance troupe as well," said Bugler, who explained that his team has also been given the honour to represent Canada in the opening ceremonies of The World Youth Cup.
Although the clock bell might be repaired by next year, a bugler would be a nice sight.
Among the serving members were Rifleman and bugler Jason Maxwell of Consett.
GUARD OF HONOUR: Above, standards are carried in tribute to Joe Hill at the funeral and, above, left, his medals are on display while, right, bugler Tony Longstaff plays the Last Post.
A live bugler performing 'Taps' is an expression of the nation's appreciation for the service of each veteran," said Thomas Day, a Marine veteran who founded Bugles Across America in 2000.
Bugler, who joins RBC Capital Markets as managing director, equity finance, has extensive experience in international prime brokerage and equity finance with Merrill Lynch and more recently, Bank of Nova Scotia.
Every hour on the hour, a bugler tells time for the city and at noon the call is broadcast to the entire country.
We all stood at attention and put on our helmets and the bugler sounded attention and General Patton mounted this sort of PT platform in front of these 3,000.
An army private assigned as a bugler at Camp Upton, Shirley snuck out of camp one night to explore only to get lost in the vast wilderness.
We have been asked to expand on the credits for Rocco Yim's bamboo pavilion, Berlin, published in AR January 2001, p24: Gammon Construction supplied the bamboo, tested joints and built the pavilion; Ove Arup & Partners HK carried out structural analysis and design, devised and supervised joint tests and liaised with HKW in Berlin; Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt organized the Berlin end; Bugler & Jaeck provided the structural proof engineering service in Berlin; Festival of Vision Hong Kong Berlin organized the Hong Kong end.
The arrival of a new neighbor, Mick Bugler, triggers a dispute over rights to parts of "the mountain" -- "my mountain," as far as Joseph is concerned -- that turns Bugler into Joseph's bitterest enemy and leaves Breege agonizingly torn between her love for her brother, abusive though he may be at times, and her feelings for Bugler, who does not treat her a great deal better.
An expert drummer, he also learned to play the bugle and was promoted to corps bugler, a high honor for such a young soldier.
The battery's bugler, Charles Reed, made this sketch as he waited to go into action.