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Ayesha Khalid a bride said I like buggies more comparatively to decorated cars , I want my groom would sit on buggy as he would look like a king.
The Commission said that it never barred foreign women from riding buggies or bicycles.
David Rochester, head of underwriting at Halifax Home Insurance, said: "We recommend all new parents make sure buggies are not left visible in porches or driveways.
West Midlands Golf Course coowner John Harrhy, 65, said the buggies were perfect for his innovative course.
There was a time when the grooms who cannot afford to hire decorated cars were the only ones going for simple horse carriages but now it has become a fashion to hire decorated buggies and make this event memorable.
Units: About 3,200 (Bad Boy Classic buggies were previously recalled in October 2009 and in December 2010)
Millions of buggies remain in use and despite claims from Maclaren that there are insufficient cases in the UK to warrant a recall, injuries still occur.
The Northampton-based company recalled one million pushchairs in the USA after 12 cases of children slicing off their fingertips in the hinges of buggies.
TRADING standards officials in the UK reassured parents there was no need to recall buggies which have been recalled in the USA, where fingertips have been cut off in the folding mechanism.
London, November 21 (ANI): A new study suggests that babies may face lasting psychological damage if they are pushed in buggies facing away from their parents.
I WISH everybody would stop moaning about buggies on buses.
Mums do a lot of walking with their buggies so this is an extension of that.
With the buggies and the leaderboard scoring system, we're trying to add a new dimension to people's golf,' said Rowlands.
Last night, bus operator Stagecoach said some of its older models were not suitable for double buggies, which might explain why the group had been refused entry, but promised to investigate complaints by nursery staff about the driver's attitude.