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Synonyms for bugger

someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)

practice anal sex upon

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So congrats for a fabulous job and for putting up with a director (me) who buggered off on two weeks' holiday while he was slaving away - he was probably glad to have some peace.
The horse fell, I went to catch him and he buggered off.
He would have, Craig, if you hadn't buggered off to Aberdeen.
Next, jailbird Chelsea buggered off to stay with the mysterious "Aunty Jill".
But then she buggered off to film a three-month movie thousands of miles away while Angelina Jolie was more than happy to stand in.
Unfortunately the Foyle Flipper turned tail before reaching the city and buggered off back into the Atlantic - thus proving aquatic scientists wrong.
It's a good job I didn't go to Bolton because Big Sam buggered off somewhere else," said Dunn.
She has no support from the father of the baby, Marcus Kempson, who buggered off the minute he knew his little girl had health problems - which means Ulrika is a single mum working her butt off to keep not only Bo but her seven-year-old son Cameron as well.
Our Albert Square source whispers: "Carly and Deano Wicks haven't seen their mum Shirley since she buggered off several years ago.
She then buggered off on holiday for six months only to come back to this tasty wee number.
There are too many who've arrived, won a few caps then buggered off.