bugger off

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leave immediately

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And then, with a chuckle, he adds: "It means you can sort of come in, score a goal and then bugger off again and leave all the hard work for someone else to do.
If the club owners don't want to put their money in, then let them bugger off.
If a child is suffering serious illness but is seven or over they can bugger off.
All I could hear was Jackie Marks in our dug-out shouting: 'Get that one-eyed bugger off the ball.
He added: "From now on, anybody who comes in trying to sell us alcohol will be told to bugger off.
He said there's your pro contract for pounds 90 a week - sign it or bugger off
Part of me wants to tell the world to bugger off and I'll be the size I want to be.
It made him want to bugger off from the place the way hed felt the day Morris the agent had finished with him four years earlier.
Now bugger off, I'm trying to watch Tim Henman lose at tennis.
We think that, on the whole, we have made a pretty good job of it, so we feel that we are entitled to feel a bit hacked off when people who have been absent for generations, suddenly reappear and tell us that the countryside belongs to them and we can all just bugger off and a well, just bugger off and take all our nasty habits with us, because they are going to take away our houses and frolic over our lands in a nice PC way.
It's Christmas time There's no need to sell our club At Christmas time, we'd rather be sat down the pub And in our world of football, we don't need to show accounts Tell Jojar to bugger off at Christmas time
To which Churchill replied: 'Yes, and now bugger off .
But news just in, neither does the SPL in a year's time when the Bank of Scotland bugger off.
If Charles and his lot can't be bothered to play the game they should all bugger off to Balmoral.
And while I think most people generally wish them well, we also wish they'd bugger off and do it quietly.