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Synonyms for bugbear

Synonyms for bugbear

an object of extreme dislike

Synonyms for bugbear

an imaginary monster used to frighten children

an object of dread or apprehension


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Shindo Racing strips the action back to good old fashioned racing, while Time Trials brings out your inner stunt driver - thank you Bugbear.
The travelling is by far my biggest bugbear, particularly where evening racing is concerned.
The survey by Mars Drinks, aimed at finding the average daily life of British workers, also revealed that computer breakdowns were the main bugbear, although many people said they were annoyed when colleagues did not make their fair share of tea and coffee.
This has been a bugbear of mine since the commencement of events at the former GCC (Pearl) roundabout, which seems like a lifetime ago.
The two giants of the Classic crop have been Delegator's bugbear this summer, with the Dansili colt finding himself up against two superstars when squaring up in the Guineas and St James's Palace Stakes.
The new PC-DVD ROM version of FlatOut Ultimate Carnages is being created by Bugbear Entertainment Ltd, a Finnish developer of action driving games.
The next biggest bugbear - voted by nine per cent - was drinking too much and displaying drunken behaviour.
Alcoa's Sardinia plant is a particular bugbear, with Brussels claiming the subsidies "could create a serious distortion of competition in the European market of primary aluminium, where energy is an important .
Globalization, on the other hand (the great bugbear of French social critics) is hardly new.
Part of the same current, perhaps, is other local work that, while not exactly painting, consistently foregrounds "painterly" issues (including that notorious bugbear, decorativeness--think of Pae White and Jorge Pardo.
SoBig, Slammer, Nachi, Bugbear, and Blaster--2003 was clearly a year of too many high-profile outbreaks,' said Thomas Raschke, program manager of IDCs European Security Products and Strategies research and speaker at IDC's security events in 2004.
1 bugbear of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, though the "Meat is Murder" argument is based on a fallacy: that were the cow not slaughtered to make this very tasty steak, Bessie would still be in a field cavorting with her bovine pals.
In particular the business organisation wants to see construction of the M4 relief road at Newport, duelling of the A465 Heads of the Valleys road, and the age-old bugbear - improved road access to Cardiff International Airport.
My bugbear is the green element doesn't realise the fact that the paper industry is the only renewable and recyclable industry we have.