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Synonyms for buffeting

repeated heavy blows


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As she lay there in my arms, and I in hers the flapping and buffeting came to the window again.
A SHIPWRECKED MAN, having been cast upon a certain shore, slept after his buffetings with the deep.
It is sad to think that this kindly heard had to bear the buffetings of ill fortune.
In this paper we present the work which was done at Shanghai-VW for using computational aero-acoustic (CAA) simulation in the vehicle development process to assess and improve the buffeting behavior of a vehicle when the rear side window is open.
Validation and Application of Digital Simulation for Improving Rear Side Window Buffeting of a Sedan," SAE Int.
A part of the wind noise problem is the buffeting effect which is occurring at certain driving speeds when the sunroof or a side window of the vehicle are open [1].