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a neutral zone between two rival powers that is created in order to diminish the danger of conflict


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Our current buffer zone bill has proven ineffective and unenforceable," Ms.
But the floating buffer zones, by requiring protesters to keep 15 feet away from moving targets, stifled more speech than necessary, Rehnquist concluded.
The withdrawal came five days before the Friday deadline for the creation of 2-1/2-mile buffer zones along former front lines throughout Bosnia.
Haaretz discovered that under the pretext of the so called security buffer zones and in collaboration with the Civil Administration that turns a blind eye, the majority of the illegal Israeli settlements have confiscated private land that belongs to Palestinians, and are being used as land reserves or for agriculture.
During the NATO foreign ministers' meeting in Anatolia on Wednesday, Stoltenberg said no decision on making buffer zones in Syria would be made during that meeting, and that this issue had been discussed several times, but the NATO isn't the side with the authority to decide whether to establish a buffer zone in Syria or not.
The buffer zone is a plot area of not less than 75% of the total area of the reserve in line with the recommendations of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
The report does not specify the size of the buffer zones, except to say that the southern buffer zone would be smaller than Lebanon's full maritime claim, and also that the northern buffer zone would be "significantly smaller" than the southern buffer zone.
For seven long years those government-imposed buffer zones tyrannically abused the First Amendment rights of Massachusettss citizens.
Be vigilant about the trap that claims to protect you, an attempt to create a buffer zone that the country cannot bear the cost of," he gave the example of Turkey, Jordan and Iraq all refusing to create buffer zones at their borders as a warning sign that this could not be a good move for Lebanon.
Stepping in to conserve the fast disappearing felines, a two-judge bench of Justice Swatanter Kumar and Justice Ibrahim Kalifulla also warned of contempt proceedings and imposition of fine on states that failed to notify the buffer zones in their respective tiger reserves.
Palestinian sources reported Monday that Israeli helicopters dropped leaflets over Gaza ordering residents to stay away from the so-called buffer zones located 300 meters from the border fence.
The US uses some typical strategies to create buffer zones and is prone to creating them along ethnic lines, to make its involvement easier by framing the boundaries of zones according to loyal and opposition groups.
Air Canada was previously advised by the Agency that buffer zones are appropriate for aircraft passengers who suffer allergies to peanuts or nuts and the airline agreed to create a buffer zone for such passengers when at least 48 hours' advance notice is provided, as well as to provide a briefing to passengers within the buffer zone.
Buffer zones are a key part of efforts to protect reds from the advancing greys.
Recently, many counties in California have voted to establish buffer zones.