buffer solution

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a solution containing a buffer

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The samples were then allowed to swell in a sealed Petri dish with 30mL of buffer solution pH 7.
The release of the drug DMA from a silicone matrix into a sodium phosphate saline buffer solution at 6.
Rinse the pH sensor in warm tap water and check/standardize the sensor in buffer solutions.
First, the sensor was conditioned by immersing the fibre into a pure buffer solution for several minutes until the slow diffusion of the liquid into its pores was completed.
3 kDa), Rhodamine 123, aluminium hydroxide gel, acetic acid (purity 99%), formaldehyde, sodium borohydride, sodium hydroxide, N-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, sodium iodide, methyl iodide (Sigma, USA), Sodium carbonate Sigma ultra and phosphate buffer solution (sodium phosphate dibasic Sigma ultra, 99%) were used as procured without further purification.
The assays were then carried out with the reaction medium containing the buffer solution that promoted the biggest enzymatic activity at pH 6.
Spectral measurements were taken using an EI FLS920 spectrometer in a temperature controlled 1 cm quartz cuvette in Phosphate Buffer Solution at 22[degrees]C, this temperature retained uniform tissue viability over 16 hours.
A qualitative guided inquiry lab was designed on pH of strong and weak acids, and change in pH after adding diluted hydrochloric acid to a buffer solution and distilled water.
When asked by Mr Cotter why he didn't check what 10Xs meant, Dr Mansur said: "Because to me it was a pure replacement to a normal phosphate buffer solution, it didn't alert me.
The specimens were filled with 10ml of the corrosive medium: acetate buffer solution with sodium chloride and active carbon.
In addition, horseshoe crab extract solution was prepared as described above, with the exception that 50 mM Tris buffer solution (pH 7.
In the anode compartment, one or more yeast cells are used as the catalyst in a buffer solution with the nutrient or fuel for the fuel cell.