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The solid-phase extraction step was eliminated (as will be shown below), so there is the potential for nonvolatile buffer salts that are extracted into ethyl acetate to build up in the mass spectrometer source and also to suppress the electrospray ionization process (although most of the salts will remain in the aqueous phase).
18]-silica gel, whereas the buffer salts pass through during the wash with 50 mL/L methanol in water.
Researchers added buffer salts to whey peptides to prepare media that were tested for their ability to inhibit culture agglutination.
Bal Seal custom solutions provide effective sealing with strong resistance to abrasion, and they are widely used by HPLC system OEMs for long life in mobile phases, especially when buffer salts are present.
The postassay purification step is imperative because the presence of buffer salts in high concentrations will interfere with the ESI and because the unreacted sulfated substrate can dissociate in the source of the mass spectrometer to form GALNS-P ions, thereby giving rise to false-positive GALNS activity.