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small Australian parakeet usually light green with black and yellow markings in the wild but bred in many colors

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This was in Ayr, so if anybody lost a wee blue budgie, it would good to see him get home.
A SNAKE and two budgies were found dumped in a city street by a shocked passer-by.
A: The general rule for budgies is the bigger the better.
I would love to play for Newcastle, such a big club" enthused Budgie and of course he eventually did.
Budgie went for an afternoon nap and slept in for lunch.
As a lover of these birds, I hope others would-be pet owners consider buying a budgie after reading the Examiner article.
Is it fair my family have banned me from wearing budgie smugglers or should they make a glorious comeback?
Supper was being served, of this the budgie is certain; the sheers were billowing in with the August breeze.
Mr Pooley, from Delabole in Cornwall says he is devastated his prize budgie is dead and that he would offer a reward of around Au200 for information leading to the birds' safe return or to the arrest and conviction of the thieves.
With so much suffering in the world, the death of a budgie sure seemed like pretty small stuff indeed.
Budgie Burglar and Priceless Chef can again follow home their kennel companion.
We already keep budgies and they help by giving them food and water.
An acrobatic save by Mohammed prompted Burridge, popularly known as Budgie, to say, AoThatAAEs it, my boy
A REWARD of pounds 3,000 has been offered to solve the killing of a pensioner's budgie, on the six-month anniversary of the crime.
The impact of the burglary and the callous killing of her beloved budgie had an enormous effect on the lady's life.