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Synonyms for budget

Synonyms for budget

a measurable whole

Words related to budget

a sum of money allocated for a particular purpose

a summary of intended expenditures along with proposals for how to meet them

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com/reports/c28290) has announced the addition of E-Learning Course: Budgeting & Financial Management to their offering
E[acute accent]- Case study approach for understanding budgeting process
Artemis 7, version 6 adds performance-based budgeting capabilities allowing organizations to build budgets that accurately reflect strategic and operational goals, capture the full cost of resources required to support initiatives and projects, reallocate funds according to changes in priorities, and improve collaboration between operational and financial staff.
With a large number of cost centers and accounts, we wanted a more manageable way to plan and analyze budget detail rather than relying exclusively on Excel spreadsheets," said Bob Shelley, manager of financial planning and budgeting for Binney & Smith.
Many AmLaw 200 firms are already using the Solution 6 Business Intelligence Budgeting application, and it is rapidly becoming the industry standard," said Darryl Jackson, CEO of Solution 6 North America.
Finance organizations are intent on using budgeting and planning to provide better insight into performance, greater accuracy, and better alignment of corporate, departmental, and individual objectives, the study revealed.
A developer of powerful, easy-to-use corporate financial planning software, Acteon created BudgetGuide as an alternative to complex spreadsheet-based budgeting or expensive ERP-class planning tools.
Key benefits of AREF include: 15-year budget forecasting, unit-based forecasting, commission calculations, scenario budgeting, real estate financial calculations, budget cycle reduction, managing multiple budgets, and property cash flow reporting.
The seminars, taking place on October 23, 2002 and October 29, 2002 in New York and Philadelphia respectively, demonstrate alternate solutions for budgeting, planning and reporting.
Figuring out the discovery plans is very important to the budgeting process because most high-risk civil cases settle--and the settlements typically occur either during or shortly after the close of formal discovery.
Jack Kyser, chief economist at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, compared past city budgeting practices to those that led to the state's economic crisis.
The budgeting and planning process can be a persistent challenge for all businesses.
If your company has invested in such systems, yet the data is not coming down to your area of responsibility in a way that is helpful for budgeting, demand it.
Budget Policy -- DoD budgeting policies (full, incremental, annual, etc); link to the DoD Financial Management Regulation; other useful links; budgeting implications of contract types; working capital funds.
This article presents the concept of multi-year budgeting and its benefits and drawbacks.