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Miyazawa made the remark in response to demands from some cabinet ministers that the practice of setting a budgetary cap at the stage of outlay requests from government ministries and agencies be abolished.
Government financial statements, the GASB concluded, should consider budgetary methods but not be driven by them.
This also states that Congress will provide, in a specific item of the Expenditures Decree, the corresponding budgetary resources required by IPAB to face its financial obligations.
The Administrative and Budgetary Committee is the fifth one of the six Main Committees of the UN General Assembly.
McBride said the ordinance does not override the state budgetary laws - an interpretation that potentially could give the supervisors more spending discretion than the ordinance.
A description of these accounts should help clarify the factors influencing the budgetary picture and avert potential misconceptions about, for example, balanced general fund accounts and social insurance funds.
However, given the higher potential for spillover effects of budgetary policies in a common currency area, there is a clear need for still stronger mechanisms specifically for the euro area.
To offset lost state revenue in 2003 and 2004, the city reduced close to 800 budgetary positions in April and May of 2003, while it made significant broad-based reductions in public safety and public works.
As the district anticipates continued weak economic conditions, strong budgetary control will be necessary.
The Union Cabinet today approved the amendments in the terms of the Standby Credit Facility extended to Maldives in 2011 to extend budgetary support of US$ 25 million to the Government of Maldives.
Recent budgetary pressures, due to reduced and delayed state aid to school districts and a slight decline in enrollment, forced the district to make sizable budget and personnel cuts to limit the potential shortfalls in fiscal years 2002 through 2004.
As of June 2006, the results indicate that budgetary surplus (after capital expenditures and debt services) reached the equivalent of US$60 million (5% of total revenues).
Annual budgetary activities by the federal and state governments often focus on higher education spending and have significant implications for not only end-users but the lending and savings industry in general.
The Negative Outlook reflects the city's increasing reliance on state aid, significant and escalating budgetary gaps as outlined in the city's updated four-year financial plan, and continued structural imbalance at the school district.