budget deficit

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an excess of expenditures over revenues

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To empirically examine the impact of the federal budget deficit, within the context of the Barth [1] framework, upon the S&L failure rate, we here simply estimate the following reduced-form equation:(6)
In June 1986, Kilborn claimed that "curious turns" in the economy, including a drop in oil prices, foiled budget deficit declines, which he'd led readers to expect with two page-one features months before.
Many people moan about budget deficits, trade deficits, etc.
Seven out of ten affluent investors believe the federal budget deficit is either a serious or critical problem; nearly all others (25%) acknowledge it is somewhat of a problem.
According to Reuters, the apex bank said that it was funding the country's budget deficit.
Experts say that because of the fact that the government used up 60 percent of the budget deficit projected for the entire year in the first quarter, the government will have to be more economical from now on, making sure its caution does not affect the capital investments for they are the most important for the country's economic growth.
Dimian, appointed earlier this year, said in March the state's budget deficit for fiscal year 2013/14 would be around 12% and expected it to stand at 10-10.
One of the most important of these problems is the prospect for federal budget deficits to begin rising once again as we move into the next century.
For instance, the government has promised to pay out trillions of dollars in Social Security payments, but none of that accumulating debt shows up in each year's budget deficit.
The budget deficit estimated at $317 billion in 2005 and projected to be $314 billion in 2006 is mainly due to increased government spending on the war in Iraq, military operations in Afghanistan, and Homeland Security, and is expected to push the national debt to $8.
The Macedonian economy cannot bear a higher budget deficit than 2 percent, said academician Taki Fiti at the debate about the role of the macroeconomic policy in the home economy held at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
Budget deficit may be reduced at the expense of dramatic cuts of expenditures, Deputy Minister of Finance Arzybek Kojoshev said at the meeting of the parliamentary committee on regulations and ethics on November 5.
ISLAMABAD, March 12, 2012 (Frontier Star): Independent Economists have said that the govenment will not be able to achieve current fiscal year's revised budget deficit target of 4.
The Bulgarian Finance Ministry has registered a budget deficit of BGN 650 M for the first half of 2011 or 0.
The national budget deficit for 2015 will amount to 25 billion 124 million som ($431.