budget cut

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the act of reducing budgeted expenditures

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Some of the schools also have grappled with declining tuition in recent years, and Donovan says the only way to meet the budget cut requirements is to look for places where jobs can be eliminated.
Budget cut will not be applied to hospitals including PIMS and Polyclinic .
According to a leading scientist who requested the GlobalPost to keep his identity a secret for fear of losing his own funding, Australia's budget cuts has left researchers with the feeling that science is "being systematically removed" in all areas.
5m slashed off its funding for 2014/15 and after already seeing its budget cut by a fifth the deal poses an "enormous challenge".
All the stories I have seen seem to accept the Pentagon's claims that the planned budget cuts would do harm to essential defense.
Since well before the 2011 legislative session began, one question has dominated conversations about the state budget cuts to public education: How will they affect public schools?
NEWCASTLE Citizens Advice Bureau has said it will have to reduce opening hours and close centres following budget cuts.
That union, which represents about half of EPA's staff, protested the budget cut in a June 29 letter to Congress.
Wetherell, president of FSU and a former state representative, notes that Florida's public universities have suffered $484 million in budget cuts since 1990 and that spending per student has fallen 16 percent during the past four years.
4 million this year to meet the state's budget cuts.
3% between 2010-11 and 2011-12, with the budget cut by pounds 2m - down to pounds 53m.
The Budget cut to INIS will inevitably create even longer decision-making times, causing greater hardship.
1 billion mid-year budget cut today, has decided to spare local schools from cuts in state aid to cities and towns.
I am appalled that Illinois ranks 51st in the nation for state funding to the developmentally disabledOand now in addition to that, a 50-percent budget cut was proposed as a solution versus looking at other unnecessary expenditures and streams of potential revenue.
As a model for thousands of higher-education programs facing difficult budget challenges, the University of Idaho (UI) used creativity and the WebCT Campus Edition(TM) course management system to offset a painful budget cut while improving education.