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(used informally) associated on close terms


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They're whispering and acting all buddy-buddy, which wouldn't bug me except they keep giggling, passing notes back and forth, and pointing at me
In several cases, IAB investigators were inappropriately buddy-buddy or flip with deputies they were interviewing, sending messages that 'we are on your side' and that this review is nothing for the involved deputy to be concerned about," Bobb wrote.
SCNA can develop a Buddy-buddy system to mentor in younger nurses.
So he sits & smiles at me all buddy-buddy & makes like he's so happy 2B seeing me when really I knows he aint 2 damn keen on me.
Now the two are all buddy-buddy, with Keane declaring at his Press conference that he realised he had to be more subtle and that "he knew he couldn't go off the handle" like he used to when he was playing.
But in this, they're two buddy-buddy ghostbusting trickster types, scamming superstitious villages to take care of "supernatural"
It was more buddy-buddy between firms," agrees Balhoff, when they weren't vying for each other's clients.
As the austere Russian, coolness personified, McCallum was soon as important as Vaughn, not quite a buddy-buddy act but well-worked, even though Illya was a bit of a puritan, uneasy at his comrades's womanising ways.
They enjoy a comic relationship based on endless squabbles while really regarding each other as brothers but all that buddy-buddy stuff reeks of artificiality.
Sounds like the buddy-buddy relationship between Republicans and the energy industry, right?
Cornwell recreates some of the buddy-buddy chemistry that existed in the Sharp series by teaming up the feared archer Thomas with young Scottish ally Robbie.
It's routine for PMO advisors to shrug off the obvious coolness between the two men and stress that Chretien was a frequent golfing pal of Bill Clinton -- never mind that that's akin to being buddy-buddy with a pedophile.
It's nice to be buddy-buddy with the generals, but you better serve those who think, plan, evaluate and work the problems.
Poor legislation, lack of staf poor legal expertise in the area and a buddy-buddy boardroom culture dating back to colonial times as well as the Afrikaner brotherhood which administered the economy during apartheid are all factors cited for the prevalenc e of insider dealing.