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Synonyms for buddleia

tropical shrub having clusters of white or violet or yellow flowers

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Friends of Hailey Park will be tackling the buddleia again as many plants in this area have become old and woody, and need either taking out or cutting back.
For lovers of buddleia this is a fantastic introduction and can be easily grown in patio containers due to its compact shape.
Beautiful buddleia, left, but Japanese knotweed, above, divides can cause damage to property and other plants if left unchecked
You don't need to fertilise or even water buddleia.
Buddleia has long been seen as the key species to attract colourful red admirals, peacocks and small tortoiseshells.
The lemon-yellow coreopsis lights up against the deep violet of the buddleia, and the orange butterfly weed glows in front of the blue mist spirea.
ALSO known as the butterfly bush because it attracts butterflies, the buddleia is found in many gardens in this country, bearing spikes of cone-shaped flowers in white, mauve and purple.
9Shorten back the growths on shrubs such as buddleia and lavatera by half to prevent winter storm damage.
In the buddleia taking over a telephone box Wentworth pinpointed how even the detritus of ordinary and everyday occurrences might contain the latent possibility of monumental meanings.
Plants that attract birds and butterflies, such as monarda, lobelia and buddleia, should be part of every garden.
The 3lb claimer got off the mark in the opening Buddleia Maiden Stakes on Sheikh Mohammed's Seattle Saga, the 10-11 favourite, but the partnership appeared beaten when Mister Aspecto poached a five lengths lead three furlongs out.
Keith Horrocks, Chorley, Lancashire CAROL: It is pretty difficult to harm buddleia - they are among the most resilient plants on Earth.
CLOCKS moved on to summer time Cold and frosty nights - days still fine As nature moves on to life's new ways Coloured skies - promise of sunny days Birds still sing from early morn Robin, thrush horn till dawn Life awakes to greet new day As sun rises this time of life at play Fruit buds up and showing now Nature at work raising life and how Flowers awake to warm from early sun To welcome and sustain new life is won Daffs are at their very best So trumpet buddleia, nasturtiums now at rest Lobelia, begonia, delphiniums wait and see
gt;Hard prune shrubs, such as buddleia, that produce their best show on vigorous new wood.