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a spheroidal fullerene

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85) According to Zucker, Buckyballs "were never intended, designed or marketed for children; so we labeled them for ages 13+ to make that clear.
Los Alamos study, researchers studied plain buckyballs, as well as two
Buckminster Fuller, who designed the 1967 Montreal World Exhibition geodesic dome, buckyballs consist of a combination of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a sphere of interlocking hexagons and pentagons.
Accordingly, chemists now placed atoms of various elements - potassium, cesium, and even uranium - inside buckyballs, and gleefully spoke of "shrink-wrapping an atom.
If you took a buckyball apart, it wouldn't be a stable entity because it would have dangling bonds," Rabideau points out.
When buckyballs were discovered in 1985, scientists hoped to use them in all sorts of areas, including medicine.
In graphene, electrons can flow far more freely than they can in either buckyballs or nanotubes, in part because it is the simplest of these forms of carbon.
A buckyball, or C60, is one shape within the family of tiny carbon shapes known as fullerenes.
This year the evening features the Buckyball Discovery Team Reunion.
A buckyball consists of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a hollow, spherical shape.
308) suggest that lithium atoms added to buckyball surfaces bestow on those molecules a remarkable capacity to store hydrogen.
A buckyball is made up of 60 carbon atoms arranged into the shape of a miniature soccer ball.
In a feat of precision chemistry, scientists have locked a single hydrogen molecule inside a soccer ball-shaped carbon molecule known as a buckyball, and they have used the technique to make large quantities of the tiny containers.