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1 -- 2 -- color) Buckwheat, right, Ceanothus, above, are good native plants for the hot L.
The smaller buckwheats are excellent as color accents, in rock gardens, in containers, or in dry borders.
Once established, all buckwheats can survive on rainfall alone, but many--especially the colorful kinds shown here--are usually more attractive and flowerful if watered occasionally in summer.
Last year, I visited Tarweed Native Plant Nursery in Chatsworth and came home with an intriguing, little plant known as saffron buckwheat - ``Conejo Valley'' saffron buckwheat, to be precise.
The ``buck'' in buckwheat is actually derived from the word ``beech.
The fruits of buckwheat bear a resemblance to the nutlike fruits of the beech tree.
The saffron buckwheat is a compact mini-shrub that grows just 18 inches tall and 2 feet wide.