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a large projecting front tooth

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Compared with the timeless brilliance of Emma Thompson's bucktoothed Nanny McPhee, you should give Tooth Fairy the gum's rush.
Shoe buckles, I knew from past observations, were favoured by those, who would not hesitate to slake their ambition in some unsavoury activity such as politics, banking, or escorting bucktoothed spinsters to moonlight dinners.
Reading the British press you would have thought that David Beckham was the key man for Milan, but it is clearly the bucktoothed Brazilian who is rolling back the years.
It is what it sounds like: detailed observations on a bucktoothed rodent that devotes itself to hydraulic engineering.
The cover art, featuring a yellow-eyed, whisker-joweled, firey-maned lioned staring down a pink eared, knuckle-toed, bucktoothed mouse, is so exceptionally beautiful you would hate to see a printed title cover even a millimeter of it.
450s inserted into these magazines stick up with a bucktoothed aspect and will not feed with any reliability.
In that his bucktoothed denture is frankly funny looking, and in that he wears it with a kind of half-lidded, insinuating menace, like a Disney version of Max Schreck, he solidifies in these early scenes the impression established by Mrs.
They lean in on you and get up in your face, all rounded and overly present like a bucktoothed midwestern cheerleader.
This American endeavour was so successful that unlike the Germans, who were to be distinguished from the hated Nazis, the slant-eyed' and bucktoothed Japanese had come to be despised as an entire race.
Even if the price-tag is pounds 40million-plus, nobody is more exceptional than Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, the bucktoothed Brazilian who encapsulates Abramovich's vision of what he wants in SW6.
Nixon celebrated her astonishing transformation into plain, bucktoothed Eleanor Roosevelt in the new HBO film ``Warm Springs'' by looking ravishing at the film's premiere in a black-and-white Derek Lam dress and diamond-crusted Fred Leighton bangle.
What's your advice to all the little bucktoothed kids back in Liverpool?
I was Ron my own at Inter RONALDO might be the hottest property in world football but he's proving a bucktoothed buffoon over his switch from Inter to Real Madrid.
But a dramatic U-turn meant the bucktoothed striker started, but looked a shadow of his normal self.
A stickler for authenticity, he finds his bloodsucking Count Orlock in a creepy, bucktoothed diva of an actor named Max Schreck (Willem Dafoe), who never appears out of costume.