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small lead shot for shotgun shells

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There is some indication of some lead left over from buckshot from a 1967 shooting range there when we acquired the land" for the park, parks spokeswoman Jane Kolb said.
He said he heard several shots being fired by another hunter or hunters and was struck by a stray buckshot pellet," Lt.
He added that he had a gaping hole in his abdomen where the blast of buckshot hit him.
With the core trio of Chuck D, Professor Griff and Flavor Flav firing off some truly buckshot vocals, their DJ and three-piece band held the beat together.
However, long before his buckshot blackout, I could have cared less if Waldo was innocent or guilty.
Under the terms of the Claims Purchase and Exploration Rights Agreement with Buckshot Holdings, Ltd.
12ga, 00 Buckshot, 9 pellet, 2-3/4 plastic hull, Reduced Recoil
Winchester considers this a good choice for both buckshot and slugs.
When it came time to take the gun to the range, we rounded up some buckshot, slugs and target loads and headed down south of our offices to the Tremont Sportsman's Club (our local range at Chillicothe being closed due to flooding).
I went on to concoct all sorts of handloads for it, from very light birdshot loads to very heavy buckshot loads.
With home-defense buckshot loads, the comparison is roughly similar.
I was hit by a shotgun's buckshot in my left eye, and now I am blind," he said.
Chestnut buckshot brogues pounds 245, Gieves and Hawkes, 020 7434 2001, www.
Other witnesses said bloodied victims were hit by buckshot.