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Recent data reveals that the average age of women seeking egg freezing is about 38 years, at which they are less likely to benefit," informs Dr Buckshee.
Who said they could take all those hangers-on to the golf in Ireland or could treat those fat cat utility bosses to a buckshee lunch?
Many of us do the responsible thing with our first vote and then use the second like a buckshee bonus to back our favourite underdogs, whether they're the Greens, Gorgeous George or the Monster Raving Loonies.
MEMORIES: Alec Wagstaff (above), who laid a wreath on behalf of the Buckshee Wheelers, and (right) a section of the crowd
And if you buy a 206 GTi you get a year's insurance buckshee.
at the Berkshire track, courtesy of Flakey Dove (Richard Price) in the mares' hurdle, and Buckshee Boy (John Pickering)in the three-mile chase.
One of the people laying a wreath was 81-year-old Alex Wagstaff, who cycled from his home in Cash's Lane, Foleshill, to represent the Buckshee Wheelers, a group of soldier cyclists formed in Cairo during the Second World War.
I bought Buckshee in May 1997 at Doncaster after he had won a maiden point-to-point in Ireland," she recalled.
One wreath was dedicated to the Buckshee Wheelers, a cycling club set up for Army personnel in the Second World War desert campaign.
ItCOs buckshee water and we let it drain away across balconies, pavements and drives.
He ended up paying 200 Euros and was ten kilos over; you get the first five buckshee if you smile.
Red rival Johnjoes Hero, caught by Natural Force when seeming sure to win a similar contest on Saturday, is a threat if managing to break in his best fashion, but I really can't see past Buckshee Boy.
The idea that this jumped-up freeloader and her dopey husband would ever bow to public opinion and go quietly, having accepted that after 23 buckshee years at the palace they've had a good run for their money, is as laughable as it is unlikely.