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a saw that is set in a frame in the shape of an H

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After filing suit but before trial, Bucksaw Resort settled with both insurance companies: XL paid $24,000 and Federal paid $97,100.
Past studies have shown that the value of a tree was reduced by 20 percent using manual bucking compared to what is normally realized with a bucksaw (Faaland and Briggs 1984).
And the adults are invited to show their skills in the chain saw and bucksaw competitions set for 11 a.
The equipment used for log bucking and loading on this site was a CTR bucksaw, and a Barko 395ML loader.
Danger notwithstanding, the circular bucksaw was a real hit on the farm because of its huge labor saving potential, simplicity of operation and adaptability to a number of different power sources.
He would, with his large bladed axe and wood wedges, split the trunks--the sound of the hammer edge of his axe against the wedges resounding dully even to the house--and then, with his bucksaw, cut the splits down that they be good-sized for the fireplace.
This is why I self-medicate with a bucksaw, maul and set of splitting wedges along with a really big woodpile; it's therapy for the twitches, gout, flabby midsection, jangled nerves or any number of modern maladies that seem so prevalent today.
You can get small trees down with an ax or bucksaw the way even the largest timber was hand-felled till the middle of this century.
When Dan Snyder, of Marengo, Ohio, sits Bucksaw on his knee, the puppet comes to life in the eyes of children.
In the early spring during maple sap boiling (which is done in the woodshed), we often cut wood off the stack by hand with the bucksaw, as it seems to fit the hands-on nature of maple syrup making and the wonderful quiet of late winter/ early spring.
When I did, it was only because there wasn't time amongst the holiday swirl to track down the big kids, pack the little ones into snowsuits and boots, round up the bucksaw, sled, dogs and all, and mount a proper tree-cutting expedition to the woods.
To break open large fruit, an axe, hatchet, chopping maul, or bucksaw works well.
This is why I prescribe a bucksaw, a maul, and set of splitting wedges along with a really big woodpile as therapy for the twitches, gout, flabby midsection, jangled nerves, or deepseated feelings of alienation, powerlessness, inadequacy, and most other ills of modern society.
This includes scythes (for wheat, which we've grown and harvested by hand), bucksaws, mauls, carpentry tools, a pressure canner, a wood stove, a wood cookstove, water storage and filters, kerosene lamps, etc.