bucking bronco

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a wild horse that is vicious and difficult or impossible to break in

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They've joined up with the group behind the new Blind Pig drink to launch the game, which involves a bucking bronco dressed as a blind pig, with prizes for whoever stays on the longest.
Tommy Delmer, 14, knocked off the bucking bronco at the 2006 show
I've had the bucking bronco idea at the back of my mind for some time and I thought I'd go for it.
The Russian contingent scoffed at the bucking bronco moves--or left the room for a smoke.
There will be activities like a bucking bronco, face painting, an assault course, a climbing wall, live music, karaoke and even a reptile show with snakes and a tarantula.
Saturday's open day, from 9am-2pm on the town's industrial estate, includes an open dog show, pet photography and a bucking bronco competition.
Jean's upbeat all week, not even getting upset when she is thrown off the bucking bronco during Chelsea's Wild West birthday party.
It's a family fun day with loads for the kids to do including a magic show, pony rides, bouncy castle and bucking bronco.
KYLIE MINOGUE is set to send her fans wild by performing on a bucking bronco.
Nailah Ishaq, formerly Nicola Clark, of Wallsend, collapsed and died after riding a pub's bucking bronco machine.
Kemo Sabe Indulge your cowboy fantasies with horsehair hatbands, bucking bronco money clips, and bold kerchiefs.
He was the new breed of bucking bronco who reminded fans of short-fused and quick-tempered drivers of the past.
Van Kooyk's group suggests that the virus may simply latch onto the protein and ride the immune cell like a cowboy on a bucking bronco until it brings HIV into contact with T cells.
10 /PRNewswire/ -- A bucking bronco charges out of its chute at the Cowtown Coliseum and onto home television screens in a new commercial NationsBank will launch Sept.
Marty Murray, who met his stunt woman wife, Kori, when they were both working in a live stunt show in Chicago, was recently injured by a bucking bronco while working on a commercial.