bucket shop

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an unethical or overly aggressive brokerage firm

(formerly) a cheap saloon selling liquor by the bucket

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The $165 million in bonuses paid at AIG went to the digital bucket shop owners who created, marketed and managed the derivatives.
The Bucket Shop, a division that provides teeth edges and buckets for heavy equipment, also has room for growth as eager tradespeople are in high demand.
A judge in Napanee, Ontario had one of these bucket shop hucksters in his court.
Little Rock's symbol of high-flying, cocaine-snorting bond daddies, the death of ARH is a sign that Little Rock's bucket shops as a whole are comatose.
We're not a bucket shop, even with a name like Low Cost Vans we try and give really good service.
Both Timmins International and the Bucket Shop have also recently established new buildings on Riverside Drive, at a size of 15,000 square feet and 10,000 square feet, respectively.
Do you remember when you had to rely on Ceefax and Teletext or sit in a bucket shop for hours to get late deals and up-to-date travel information?
The deal is set to land Travelselect's founders Vimal and Gill Khosla a rare internet fortune of almost pounds 8 million and propels online bucket shop Lastminute towards producing its first-ever profit by June.
For instance, Timmins United Supply wanted to show customers and their 80 employees the new expansion of their Bucket Shop, so Brian Blahey, marketing manager of Timmins United Supply, launched two open houses.
com were smiling today after the online bucket shop announced it was on course to achieve a UK profit by June and said its revenues were improving steadily.
With the internet and Teletext, who needs to set foot inside a bucket shop again unless they've buried the remote control in the wheelie bin of Christmas rubbish?
They used to take four holidays a year, this year they borrowed a friend's house in Spain and went on bucket shop tickets from Luton Airport," observed her interviewer.