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an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels

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His grandfather was wearing denim pants tucked into high boots and a faded canvas jacket that gleamed against the dark of the buckboard.
1903 Ford, the first year for the legendary manufacturer -- 1903 Stevens-Duryea -- 1904 Autocar -- 1905 Franklin, with air-cooled engine -- 1906 Waltham Buckboard -- 1909 Holsman, a Chicago-made vehicle.
00 and had lived on the smug belief that it was an antique (complete with old buckboard stains, Jim had said) until Chris found its double on a Walmart clearance shelf in Arizona for $9.
The fast finishing 100/1 outsider Camelot Knight was third, Buckboard Bounce fourth and Master Oats fifth of the 17 to complete the course.
With my imagination in full swing, I was riding shotgun on buckboard with Jim at the reins, both of us enjoying every minute.
Bishop O'Connor accompanied them on a grueling 4-week journey by train, coach, buckboard, and horseback in the fall of 1887.
He has, in fact, succeeded in making the Emersonian allegory go on four wheels: the most memorable physical object associated with him is the "sheet-iron box the size and shape of a dog kennel and painted to resemble a house" (14) that he carries from place to place in his buckboard, a miniaturized mobile home that begs to be recognized as the consummate realization of Emerson's tropes--a "house" made literally "transitive and vehicular.
Indeed, even as Davenport rejoiced in modernism and echoed his idol Pound's determination to "make it new," he (who never learned to drive) despised modern technology, comparing the twentieth century--the "most miserable of ages since the Barbarians poured into Rome"--unfavorably to Whitman's time: "His age walked with a sprier step than ours; it bounced in buckboard and carriage; a man on a horse has his blood shaken and his muscles pulled.
Although that dear old cowboy buckboard the Wrangler did not catch on in a big way over her the Cherokee certainly did.
To continue on to Plymouth, one can either rent a car at the airport or arrange for a pickup at the airport by Buckboard Travel (see below).
SUE ENJOYED BOUNCING IN THE OLD BUCKBOARD, such an uneven up and down full of surprises.
Clark, who was riding a buckboard wagon through the Valley of Fire in 1915 when his horse died.
When Butch, Sundance, and Etta decide to leave America in order to escape Harriman's posse, the sequence opens with the three in period Eastern dress packing a buckboard.
Instead, he raced to the Presidency in a buckboard, a horse-drawn wagon.
but only if he could keep his weapons, travel in the back of a buckboard with his and McCarty's Colts, and with all accompanying cowhands remaining at least 30 feet behind them for the entire trip to the Socorro courthouse