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local names for a cowboy ('vaquero' is used especially in southwestern and central Texas and 'buckaroo' is used especially in California)

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LEGEND: Brian in his days with the Buckaroos back in the 70s and inset, still performing today
In September, 1968, Buck and the Buckaroos did a concert for President Johnson in the White House.
La reata became the lariat, chaparejos got shortened to chaps, and the California vaquero metamorphosed into the Nevada buckaroo.
This means that those willing to pay the difference will have to add six more buckaroos to their entertainment budget.
I predict either a randy Roman holiday with a few young buckaroos or an unforgettable evening with "roaming Randy" that costs a few buckaroos.
And Max calls his subscribers the "Bowser Buckaroos.
He fervently belie ves that, if every man, woman and child -or citizen as he termed us -is expected to ``donate'' their DNA as a ``social responsibility'' then his crowd of busybody buckaroos could prevent crime in the first place.
But if the unbridled success of the annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada, is any indication, aspiring buckaroos may need to add a fourth R to their curriculum: recitin'.
In 1980, Declan, left, joined one of the top bands of the day, Brian Coll's Buckaroos, replacing the legendary Arty McGlynn.
Also scheduled to take part in the tribute are Buck and Bonnie Owens' son Buddy Alan, Chris Hillman, original Buckaroos steel guitarist Tom Brumley, and drummer Travis Barker.
From the vaqueros, the buckaroos and the charros to the exotic riders from Chile, Norway and Korea, riders on Arabian and quarter horses, among others, spent the day raising dust and piquing the interest of the audience who stood watching on the sidelines.
There are even a couple of unique, terrific Christmas tunes, making this the perfect last-minute gift for all the buckaroos on your list.
The Buckaroos beat the Red Devils 76-30 in September.
He was soon in big demand and he then teamed up with Gene Stuart and his band before joining Irish Country legend Brian Coll and the Buckaroos, who were based in Omagh, Co Tyrone.
The compilations feature 90 performances by Owens and his band, the Buckaroos, including such classic songs as Act Naturally; Love's Gonna Live Here; I've Got a Tiger by the Tail, and Together Again.