buck fever

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nervous excitement of an inexperienced hunter

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Just as with the premature orgasm, Buck Fever is an interruption in the process.
This is a mild form of buck fever, usually cured by practicing with the rifle until its operation becomes reflexive.
It's ideal for winning ribbons, but only accomplishes half of what is necessary to beat buck fever.
Have you ever had buck fever so bad your brain waves became brain lines?
With this type of attitude, there was no room for the anxiety of buck fever to be present.
Squeeze the release: To keep buck fever at bay, you really need to learn to squeeze the trigger and produce a surprise release.
I had plenty of encounters, but they were dominated by rookie mistakes and buck fever, a combination that left me frustrated more often than not.
But then, something weird happened as the buck closed to within good bow range: That bad case of buck fever suddenly changed to a peaceful calm.
I'm no stranger to buck fever or the curious feeling of coveting a deer's death as much as he wishes to keep his life, so when I realized he was that close, the full-body shakes set in.
That, coupled with my own tendency to succumb to debilitating bouts of buck fever and an embarrassing miss earlier in the morning, had me on edge.
Never look at their eyes" is common advice for more reasons than just to avoid buck fever.
On her own, Peggie would have to learn to combat the debilitating effects of buck fever until after an effective shot had been executed.