buccal cavity

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the cavity between the jaws and the cheeks

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Diseases of buccal cavity and mucosa in Pathology of Domestic Animals.
We collect the eggs from the tilapia's mouth and incubate them in an environment that simulates the buccal cavity, Rosario said.
Salivary glands cluster around oesophagus along region of valve of Leiblein and ventral ganglia of nerve ring, attached to lateral surface of anterior oesophagus just anterior to valve of Leiblein (Figs 29, 30: sg); their ducts very narrow, except for short proximal region that runs completely attached to anterior oesophagus wall and, more anteriorly, inside dorsal folds of buccal cavity (Fig.
The body of the fish was divided into two parts (Anterior part; comprising, head, eyes, operculum, gills, buccal cavity and posterior part; comprising all the fins, skin, abdomen and rest of the body) to note the infected sites.
Separation between the buccal cavity and pharynx and the ileum and colon can be difficult to ascertain.
I use the term buccal mass to refer to both the buccal cavity and the radular apparatus (radular sac, radular teeth, and the muscles and sometimes cartilages that facilitate functioning of the radular apparatus).
The fresh stems were peeled to remove the thorns and the flesh was chewed and/or retained in the buccal cavity before swallowing (Van Wyk and Gericke 2000; Lee and Balick 2007; Glasl 2009).
The DelRX system delivers homeopathics and critical therapeutic drugs through the oral mucosa of the buccal cavity.
In the present study, placement of brackets in the buccal cavity caused diminution of the nucleus, an increase in cytoplasm, and a lower nuclear/ cytoplasmic ratio of buccal mucosa cells that were in contact with the brackets.
Larvae were characterized by a short buccal cavity, a sharply pointed tail, and the presence of a noticeable midsection genital primordium.
the pharyngeal cavity, the buccal cavity, and in some cases, the nasal and labial cavities) in which the laryngeal sound resonates.
By an enzyme-histochemical method, leucine aminopeptidase reactivity was localized principally within the cytoplasm of granulated cells in the buccal cavity, esophagus, esophageal pouch, hepatopancreas, and the third intestinal region, which implies that these sites are responsible for the synthesis and secretion of this peptidase for the digestion of proteinaceous nutrients.
The copepod was inside the fish buccal cavity, in the right part of the inferior jaw (intercanine dental space, strongly anchored to the gum).