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Synonyms for bubbling

emitting a murmuring sound felt to resemble a laugh

Synonyms for bubbling

emitting or filled with bubbles as from carbonation or fermentation

marked by high spirits or excitement

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95 for the side order of chips) was bubblingly hot and more than filled its dish, the large amount of cheese and meat sauce would have been helped by an extra sheet or two of pasta.
Alessandra Marc was a rich-voiced and expressive Sieglinde, Sergei Koptchak a darkly glowing Hunding and Elizabeth Connell a bubblingly enthusiastic and later convincingly anguished and vocally powerful Brunnhilde.
This was an account more dramatic than most, the soloist almost an operatic heroine, bubblingly articulate or serenely floating a singing line, adding discreet ornamentation or an apt mini-cadenza, and prolonging the final note of the celestial 'adagio' until the sound faded on the breath.