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Synonyms for bubbliness

the property of giving off bubbles

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He is what you [Irish] people are all about - you've got a personality and bubbliness about you.
She exudes a natural warmth and bubbliness, which immediately endears us to her character Lindsey Meeks, even when the film gives us no reason to.
That same screen chemistry is apparent here too; her natural effervescence and bubbliness somehow tempering his natural urge to play the fool.
You can see a bubbliness coming back to the changing room and it's been a long while since we've had that.
Now I have my old bubbliness back but I had to go through two months of hell to do it.
You should have that energy and bubbliness in you," he said.
Even when you''d see him after he had the illness, he still had that bubbliness about him, trying to keep spirits high.
With her bubbliness and youthful attitude you would never guess Lisa's age
We were very close, we would go out together," she said I remember her bubbliness and her caring ways.
If you like a slight bubbliness, try a sparkling wine like champagne.
She exudes a natural warmth and bubbliness, which endears us to Lindsey, even when the film gives us no reason to.
I think her legacy will be the bubbliness of her and the fun that she carried.
Maybe her bubbliness of her character in her muchawaited next film, Dil Bole Hadippa , has rubbed off her in real life.
It started with small things, you know, putting tea bags in the kettle and things in the fridge which should go in the drawer,' he says, all the trademark bubbliness suddenly vanishing from his voice.