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Synonyms for bubbler

a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water

any of various devices in which air or some other gas is bubbled through a liquid

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The Eugene School District spent more than $125,000 this summer after testing all of the fountains, sinks, bubblers and other potential drinking water sources at 42 schools and the Education Center.
94% water was saved under bubbler irrigation method as compared to the basin irrigation method.
The Bubbler got its start as a programming idea specifically for teens, in a concerted effort by MPL to develop a variety of creative after school activities for youth.
The integrated bubbler project team effectively executed the project ahead of schedule, delivering enhanced canister production capability at (the facility), which will help accelerate waste processing and maintain our momentum in closing the site's waste tanks," said Jean Ridley, DoE manager for the project.
If you put them in an aquarium, you need to put a bubbler in," Rubinoff said.
A 30-inch-wide glazed and sealed stoneware bowl (similar from $100) fitted with a small bubbler pump (from $20; thehomedepot.
The cooler is connected with a piece of plastic tube to a bubbler and this again to the outside.
It's all anchored to the theatre's commitment--both symbolic and practical--to finally repair that bubbler.
The tinkling of a thin jet of falling water, the gushing of a bubbler, the tip-tap-tip of water falling off moss-covered rocks and the rush of a cascade are all are lovely, relaxing sounds.
I am talking about the mysterious Bubbler Ranx, who rapped throughout it.
Experts reckon its carcass was picked up by the bird and dropped on the deck of the Thames Bubbler at Dagenham, Essex.
Crew on the boat, the Thames Bubbler, suspected it was a piranha - but could not work out what the fish was doing on the Thames.
I have since received requests for the design of the gas bubbler I mentioned in my posting in connection with conserving calibration gas, so I have drawn a simple diagram, which you can download as a Powerpoint file.