bubble gum

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a kind of chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles

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Children enjoying time with Candy and Bubblegum at playtime
Made to a traditional recipe with all natural colours and flavours to reassure parents, Mellow Gold Bubblegum ice cream is ideal for scooping or as a stand-alone dessert, especially on children's menus.
The crowd-funded campaign, which raised more than $114,000, funded the self-release of 2013's Bulldozer and Bubblegum , a historical move for the artist who over the years has been on indie labels as well as a major label, but has found the greatest success with the support of his fans.
In addition the author plans to donate copies of Bubblegum Princess to charities in the US and abroad.
Some of its other products include Candy Foam, a foaming liquid candy, Bubblegum Cane, a giant candy cane made out of bubblegum, Bon Bon Boxing, an extending boxing glove on top of a tube of candy, and many others.
PvM is introducing the first Chupa Chups bubblegum range, which will include six-piece packs of Big Babol Bubblegum (rsp: 27p), Bubbly Cotton Candy (rsp: 35p) and Bubblegum lollipops (rsp: 15p).
Hot pink Bubblegum carpet, from Kingsmead Carpets' Wow range, is pounds 12 per sq m.
The 2007 Rose is a lovely mouthful of raspberry and red cherry fruit, with a hint of bubblegum.
Does your best friend like bubblegum more than museums?
His arrangements are layered but never overbearing or grandiose, resulting in a sound inspired by bubblegum beats and Beach Boys symphonics.
Bubblegum high energy teen novelty pop - yet bubblegum has more flavour and the interest lasts longer.
Most areas were crowded with big pink bubblegum corals, but another section of rock was covered with tiny, thumb-size corals and crusty sponges.
Baby stores use the scent of talcum powder and bubblegum to make parents feel happy.
Blending garage, bubblegum pop, and grunge, Ghost Of The Robot are mad as hatters, yet totally unpretentious.