bubble gum

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a kind of chewing gum that can be blown into bubbles

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Thanks to its unique nutritional and technological properties, the functional carbohydrate allows for the development of healthier confectionery products such as the first polyol-free, tooth-friendly bubble gum with a sugar-like taste and sweetness.
Thomas Schmidt, Marketing Manager at Beneo commented: "The bubble gum category is all about pleasure and indulgence; however, we are well aware of parents' concerns surrounding dental health and understand this is a big factor for them when choosing confectionery for their children.
The company revealed the cetirizine hydrochloride oral solution USP, 1 mg/mL, bubble gum flavored is the store brand equivalent to Children's Zyrtec Allergy Syrup, 1 mg/mL, bubble gum flavored.
The ad for Ding Dong bubble gum rendered in the 90s was based on simple 2D animation but it did wonders in promoting the brand.
Peter Harris from the Bubble Gum Club thanked Simon for his efforts to bring awareness about the charity.
PAYING LIP SERVICE TO ART: Lady Kitt works on one of her bubble gum pictures at Gallery Glue in Heaton.
Toffee Cards - The Bubble Gum Years" catalogues the 313 sets of cards ever printed featuring the men and teams of Everton.
It is available in two flavors and strengths: 50-mg grape flavor for children under age 6, and 100-mg bubble gum flavor for children 6 to 12.
In this fun book, Hayes recounts the time that chewing large wads of bubble gum (which got him into trouble at school and at home) actually saved his life from a fang-bearing rattlesnake.
Hands down, a number like Nala's mournful ``Shadowland,'' Simba's ``Endless Night'' or ``They Live in You'' top the bubble gum of ``Hakuna Matata'' and ``I Just Can't Wait to Be King.
Is this how the grocery store candy counter will look in the near future: Snickers, bubble gum, condoms, and Plan B?
New to the range are four bonbon brights ( candy pink Sherbet, shocking pink Scrumptious and cherry red GlacA, all with a bubble gum fragrance, as well as citrus Syrup, with a scent of peach schnapps.
one-year anniversary: paper; two years: cotton; three months: bubble gum.
Hubba Bubba Spring Shapes is Hubba Bubba Original Bubble Gum that comes in the shapes of bunnies, flowers and chicks.
Imagine a monastic hut from a Sung dynasty scroll transplanted onto a slab of molten lime bubble gum with a pea soup base, a riotous aurora borealis behind, and a magenta abyss in front.