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a vine of the genus Bryonia having large leaves and small flowers and yielding acrid juice with emetic and purgative properties

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HAPPY COUPLE Bryony and Martin at their wedding DRIVEN TO SUCCEED Bryony in her car SLIM Bryony as she is now
On the road to fitness, Bryony Higgins has signed up with training programme Fit-M8 to get help with her exercise and diet.
LITTLE BEAUTY Baby Olivia Gibson, pictured with mum Bryony, dad Steven and brother Harry, two
Rail worker Les, from Wishaw, who has helped dozens of ill children fulfil their wishes, put together a dream weekend in London for Bryony, sister Courtney, 15, and mum Helen.
As Bryony began to panic, dad Dave tried breaking down the bathroom door with an axe, but without success.
Coming from an active family, Bryony and her older sister always enjoyed water sports, but it wasn't until a family holiday in the South of France that she discovered her real passion.
Sian Kelman, Kelly Baker, Bryony Potter, Alice Jennings, and Alice McMahon will all line-up for action at the Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, for the prestigious two-day championships, on Friday and Saturday, July 10 and 11.
Bryony Morgan, who became pals with X Factor star Nicky McDonald after meeting him at Hampden, lost her fight with cancer yesterday.
Bryony Mullins, 25 "I don't think e-cigarettes do any harm, so they shouldn' t be banned.
Earlier this month Wordweaver Publishing House owner Bryony van der Merwe received a grant to attend the Lagos Book & Art Festival.
Cathy, 40, who lives in Guisborough and is also mum to Imogen, 13, Bryony, nine and Oliver, six, said: "Richard is mad on Harry Potter and on films in general so when Daisy Chain holds events like this we try and get down.
Steven Gibson was forced into action when mother-of-two Bryony began having contractions at their home in Chester-le-Street, County Durham, and the umbilical cord became wrapped around the baby's neck.
99) THE author of The Secret Life Of A Slummy Mummy returns with a new novel about penniless student Ali Sparrow, who becomes the nanny for wealthy couple Bryony and Nick Skinner.