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practice intended to polish performance or refresh the memory

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Depending on individual need, practicing editors may find valuable brushup material scattered throughout the book.
If students need more than a quick brushup, then community colleges are the institutions with the best chance to produce successful students.
To that end, Vinquiry has developed an information form for first time exporters or for wineries needing a brushup.
A basic introduction to ergonomics is included for those new to the area, or in need of a quick brushup on some of the basic concepts and terminology.
After recently staging the greatest exhibition of scrim-shaw in the history of the planet, the museum will close in January for a wash and brushup, reopening in March.
Thinking further, the manager might decide that the entire staff could use a brushup session or two.
At the same time, the KAIKA Lab has been established to study the winning cases towards the brushup of a KAIKA model.
Artists, meanwhile, can either skip the art lessons or view them as a brushup and then learn from the software tutorial steps either to paint photos or to paint landscapes from scratch.
And the CHP also advised older riders to enroll for training or a brushup.