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But if you really get a brushoff on something you consider important, speak to the other directors.
It was a more a curt brushoff to the waiting journalists who expected words of wisdom from this relatively old sage of the European Tour.
This was no flippant brushoff to rank alongside Ben Cohen's infamous 'Shane who?
This FBI brushoff stands in glaring contrast to the cooperation and support of the Cleveland diocese.
I'm like third-generation-removed from Norma Jean - not my cup of simulacre tea - and I don't even have the good taste and sense of the second ersatz Marilyn, whose brushoff nixes any screwball blessing.
In the first semifinal, Part gave Kevin 'The Artist' Painter the brushoff and hoisted the Maple Leaf high above Muswell Hill with a 6-2 demolition of the man who dethroned champion Raymond van Barneveld.
BRAVE shopkeeper Rashpal Mattu told today how he gave a gun-wielding robber the brushoff by battering him with a broom.
Watching Manning wander across the field, shaking hands with Brady, getting congratulations from Tedy Bruschi and a brushoff from Bill Belichick, it was hard not to wonder: So this is what it's like when Wile E.
Cooper Doe and Leo Saenger, 10-year-old fifth-graders from Eugene's Camas Ridge Elementary School, got the brushoff that New York Times and CNN reporters are accustomed to when they tried to get an interview with President Obama during his trip to Portland Wednesday night.
EMC indicated the initial brushoff wasn't a deal-killer and said they were looking forward to further discussions with Iomega.