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an uncontrolled fire that consumes brush and shrubs and bushes

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With the assistance of the Charlton Fire Department, cleanup crews armed with brushfire hoses were shooting 50 gallons a minute and spraying a wide-angle cone of water, which helped keep the vapors and odors down.
Using personal experiences and much of his relationship with his wife Kim, Johnson recorded the album Brushfire Fairytales in 2000 in only a week.
And sales of his previous albums, On And On (which launched his Brushfire Records label) and Brushfire Fairytales, continue to soar without any promotion.
Johnson's label, Brushfire Records, recently signed ALO and will release the band's most recent CD, "Fly Between Falls.
Let Gramps--a veteran of a brushfire or two--tell you that the rules don't change once the bubble goes up; in fact, they get tougher.
At the time of closing, Jefferson Plaza was approximately 75% occupied to primary tenants such as National Exchange Carrier Association, AON Insurance, MCI/Worldcom, Jack Morton Worldwide and The Brushfire Group.
That's a tough job in a world plagued with brushfire conflicts and terrorism.
In response to the devastating 1970 brushfire season in Southern California, a consortium of local, state, and federal fire agencies developed the Incident Command System (ICS).
Heat defeated this attempt to stop a brushfire in southern California but the scene is being repeated across the American west as 70 fires, ignited by lightning storms after weeks without rain, rage over 750,000 acres.
The trio are Silk Vestments and Never In Debt, both to be ridden by Williamson, and Brushfire, partnered by stable claimer Shane Kelly.
Word of my mother's beans spread like a brushfire throughout the neighborhood.
Clearly, the brushfire fighters can't do the job by themselves.
Aseptic "ban fever" spread like brushfire across the country, with flames fanned by lobbyists of grassroots environmental organizations.
As Garcia and his family escaped, they watched a ferocious brushfire bum their house to the ground.
It is comprised of innovative imprints and digital business ventures including Republic Nashville (The Band Perry), Cash Money (Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj), Indie Pop (The Cataracs), Lava Records (Jessie J, Black Veil Brides), Aware Records (Mat Kearney), Brushfire (Jack Johnson, G.