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a curt or disdainful rejection

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Even if your friends stop giving you the brush-off and the three of you start hanging out again, it's cool to have other awesome people in your life.
And those who got the brush-off, well, let's just say you don't want to be the one receiving that head shake.
It begins with screenwriters and producers who shy away from gay-oriented projects, knowing they will receive the brush-off.
Ms Shipley said: 'I have gone through my files for the last three years and I have had brush-off after brush-off when I have been pointing out the problems.
BBC commentator Terry Wogan admitted it was the first brush-off in the show's history.
She gives him the brush-off, but Dennis just believes it's her way of keeping him keen.
Valencia has been holding out for the move for five months since Sir Alex Ferguson showed an interest and the Wigan man has given Real Madrid the brush-off to ensure his Old Trafford dream comes true.
It was also the perfect brush-off to Bears coach Bob Woolmer who had ordered Dagnall to get his hair cut before the game.
Barbara Windsor gets a little brush-off - sorry, that's brush UP - before Albert Square's wedding of the year.