brush down

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Used bed pans were stored in the same toilets and on one occasion I watched the floor of my wife's unit cleaned by a porter who pushed a wide brush down the centre of the room, failing to deviate between or under the beds.
Then create a light, striped effect by a dragging a dry flogging brush down through the glaze in a straight continuous movement.
However, some have been damaged by bush hogging around them to keep the brush down.
B's three HIMARS launchers sat in the sage brush down the hill from the tactical operations center.
I encourage families to follow the rules and laws of keeping brush down around their homes and encourage them to have a 72-hour emergency kit for each member of the family," Godley said.
Using a pastry brush dipped in water, brush down sides of pan to dissolve any sugar granules.
Review each student's samples and select the one that creates the cleanest use of color As the example exhibits, the simplest marks such as pressing the brush down and twisting it sometimes gives the best finished product Begin by asking students to create a thumbnail on their paper.
Taking a broad brush down to the smallest detail to determine what works and what doesn't," is key to creating the space, said Geier.
18) How many times should you run the bore brush down the barrel?
I also added sprigs of greenery at the top of the bouquet and gently pressed the brush down to create some leaves.
Leading firefighter Andy Wilson said: "He had a dustpan and brush down there so we think he was clearing it out for something.
BPA didn't keep the brush down adequately under their lines," he said.
Film tail treatment of the MPA-67 includes a pneumatic film clamping device, impulsed wire film cutting and a pneumatic load seeking brush down system.