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Synonyms for brunet

of a complexion tending toward brown or black

Synonyms for brunet

a person with dark (brown) hair

marked by dark or relatively dark pigmentation of hair or skin or eyes

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Brunet and his colleagues asked the patients to recall their memory by writing a trauma script and outlining the details of their traumatic experience and the emotions they felt.
However they're labeled, the new fossils exhibit key hominid traits, Brunet holds.
Brunet estimates that every dollar spent in local businesses will result in 45 cents being re-invested locally.
Mr Brunet is currently with the Strategy Department, where he oversees strategic project scheduling and financial impacts.
Brunet says VARS has a different concept from the traditional debit machine services.
Brunet for his engaged contribution as a Board member and understand his decision to resign.
Brunet in a phone interview said, "It's good news not only for Bathurst but for Halifax, Moncton and all the communities.
In just one day this spring) city hall handed out 14 residential building permits," Brunet says.
But the British-born, Oxford-educated brunet actress, soon to wed Nivola, whom she met three years ago on the set of ``Love's Labors Lost,'' was definitely the evening's darling.
Douglas Finton and Daniel Brunet, co-managing directors of Vital Skills International, have each been certified to lead "Crucial Conversations" Labs.
Contract award: contract cleaning of the common parts of the building complex "les logis brunet" (320 units) - 27 chemin du puits brunet - 13600 la ciotat.
He was followed by newly single, silver-haired kazillionaire Ted Turner and a nondescript brunet date who was quite a step down from his former Fonda star.
Despite this activity, however, there is little construction work being undertaken by the private sector, complains Leo Brunet, former president of the Timmins Construction Association.