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Synonyms for bruit

Synonyms for bruit

tell or spread rumors


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Cette initiative qui est promue et soutenue par de nombreuses associations, societes savantes et organisations internationales, vise a remedier au manque de connaissance sur les possibilites de prevention des deficiences auditives causees par l'exposition au bruit excessif ; elle encourage un changement de mode de vie et l'adoption de simples mesures du soin de l'oreille.
It was not pulsatile, and there was no audible bruit.
Ces exemples montrent bien que les Amerindiens ont une ecoute attentive aux bruits de la nature et qu'ils peuvent les imiter a volonte.
A carotid bruit is heard when using a stethoscope to listen to blood flow in the artery, which brings blood to the head and neck.
On physical examination he had a transverse infraumbilical surgical incision scar and a pulsatile mass on his right lower quadrant of the abdomen with dermal bruits.
These included high-grade retinopathy, abdominal or flank bruits, the presence o f peripheral vascular disease, absence of family.
Carotid and abdominal bruits are common in the elderly and reinforce the importance of "starting low and going slow" when initiating antihypertensive therapy Octogenarians tend to have many comorbid disorders, but these should not deter physicians from the treatment of hypertension unless patients are incapacitated or have terminal malignancies.
repeated blood pressure readings that were [is greater than] 130/85 mmttg); an irregularly irregular pulse rate was present in 7%; and carotid bruits in 5% of participants (Table 4).
Bruits dans la montagne, first published in Chinese in 1996, is his fifth work to have been translated into French.
Clearly, the HKMA reached the bruits of its traditional policy of positive non-interventionism.
Numerous studies have shown that patients with histories of previous strokes, T[As, and asymptomatic carotid bruits are all at higher risk for stroke than comparable persons without such risk factors.
These diseases include arterial occlusive disease (atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries), venous obstruction and clotting, venous incompetence/insufficiency, cerebrovascular disease including carotid bruits, aneurysms, thoracic outlet syndrome, vasospastic disorders including Raynaud's, lymphedema, vascular ulcerations, vasculitis, and other vascular disorders.
Kouaouci, reste en mesure de se distinguer victorieusement d'entree car les bruits les plus favorables circulent a son sujet, mais cela ne reste qu'une hypothese et qu'aucune ligne fiable ne se degage dans cette epreuve ou tous les scenarios possibles sont a envisager.
Je guette encore les bruits de l'escalier mais j'ai remplace ma serrure et ma cle je peux regarder l'emission que je veux et je peux etre aussi nulle que je veux.
La deuxieme theorie est legerement plus farfelue, en effet, certains bruits de paddock suggereraient que Ferrari tire egalement un avantage des pneus Pirelli par le biais de Jaime Alguersuari, pilote d'essais pour le manufacturier italien, qui partagerait ses informations avec Fernando Alonso, Espagnol comme lui.