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Synonyms for bruit

Synonyms for bruit

tell or spread rumors


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The most interesting name being bruited about is that of Hassan Khomeini, the leading grandchild of the late leader.
He is bruited about as the preeminent Israeli detective of the 21st Century.
While the NLNG is bruited as one of the crown jewels on the nation s hydrocarbon industry, its habitual violation and the utter contempt for our laws are unbecoming of a company of its status.
After reviewing the varieties of melting-pot ideas being bruited in political circles, she discusses Henry James in the Intellectual Pot-au-feu; James Weldon Johnson's integrationist chameleonism; recollection, reform, and broken time in Willa Cather; and Gertrude Stein and individual anything.
1 million) for the minimum projected expense ($770 billion is the most widely bruited amount), then the cost of the plan will be roughly $187,800 per job created.
During the late 1990s, the notion was bruited that cognitive processes could extend at times to the tools people use; as it gained popularity among scientists, Adams (cognitive science and philosophy, U.
The Eighth Circuit recently upheld another case in which taxpayers retained the right to income from property they transferred to a family bruited partnership (FLP) prior to their deaths, and found that the transfer was not a bona fide sale for consideration.
For example, the recession bruited by the newspapers wasn't always in synch with the day-to-day experience of one writer, who looked around him and found a Japan that was still "mega-rich" despite the economic slowdown.
There may be no love lost between the Chapmans and the Turner jury's chairman, Tate director Nicholas Serota (it's been widely bruited that the brothers' public Tate baiting cost them the prize), but here's one thing they can agree on: Everybody does get a turn.
Failing to recognize these epidemics has bruited the ability of public health officials to assess and intervene appropriately to control the illness and death associated with imported malaria in Canada.