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Synonyms for bruising

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causing mental or emotional injury

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brutally forceful and compelling

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But on June 17, a nurse attending to Amelia's morning feed noticed bruising to the child's forehead and behind her left ear after a hat that had been put on the baby was moved slightly.
The patterned bruising was suggestive of the mechanism of injury and significant force during impact.
Our children's arnica products have long been trusted solutions for parents looking to relieve their kids' pain, so we're excited to offer a new, innovative natural option for topical relief of bruising and swelling, " stated Thao Le, vice president of marketing at Hyland's.
Bruising was assessed by the physician investigator, by another blinded evaluator, and by the patients themselves pretreatment, and on days 1, 7, and 14 after injections.
Swansea head physio Kate Rees said: "While there is no serious muscle or tissue damage, he suffered severe swelling and bruising to his thigh which will take up to six weeks to clear up.
1) Subdural haematoma 2) Bruise at the rim of the lower part of the ear 3) Bruise, with central loss of the superficial layer of the skin, to the left of the midline of the forehead 4) Bruise at the right side of the forehead, just behind the outer angle of the right eye 5) Two areas of bruising over the right side of the head 6) Bruising at the upper right of the back of the scalp 7) Bruising on the left of the back of the scalp 8) Bruising over the left temple 9) Bruising over the left side of the front of the top of the head 10) Bruising to the right of the midline of the top of the head.
You'll almost always see bruising when a child has a fracture.
JOCKEY Willy Twiston-Davies missed his rides at Cheltenham yesterday after suffering bruising in a fall at Warwick the previous day.
Bruising can almost always be seen when a child has a fracture.
In this study, geometrical properties such as linear dimensions, sphericity, mass of fruit, projected area, surface area, true density, volume, hydrodynamic properties in water namely terminal velocity, drag force and buoyant force and bruising characteristics like as bruise area and bruise volume of two varieties of table olive fruit were determined.
I'm in generally good health, but when does this bruising become something I should worry about?
Bruising was rated by the both the patient and physician by means of a visual analogue scale on days 0, 3, 7, 10, 14, and 17.
The significance of bruising in infants: a forensic postmortem study.
Applying topical emollients such as Vaseline or other over-the-counter ointments and minimizing soap application and hot showers may help combat skin dryness and prevent easy bruising.
They included bruising and abrasions on his forehead, bruising and fractures on his cheeks, a cut on his right temple and bruising and puncture wounds inside his mouth.