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Synonyms for bruiser

Synonyms for bruiser

a large and strong and heavyset man

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Now a Bruiser - really Rudi - has answered the call and is ready to take a bow.
The court heard Bruiser, who weighed 33kg, was kept in a cage but escaped "without apparent difficulty".
Riley's mother Susan Aucott, 56 - left in charge on the night of the tragedy while her daughter went out with friends - locked Bruiser in a crate in the kitchen and watched TV in the lounge with Molly-Mae.
Justine Davies, community champion of Specsavers Leckwith, with Cardiff Blues players Blaine Scully and Dan Fish, plus Bruiser the Bear and pupils of Ysgol Gymraeg Pwll Coch
BRUISER J Nicola's smile says it all RECORD n Charlotte with second gold
After Tom shot this 159-inch bruiser with his muzzleloader, the big deer fell next to the rub.
Bruiser is wondering whether it's all worth it anymore.
With a reputation as a political bruiser, he has risen steadily through the Government ranks with posts in the now defunct Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Department for Transport and the Home Office.
Bruiser was given one last chance after owner Peter Kenneth Woodfin pleaded for his pet's life.
Next time you're cruising some big hot bruiser at the Apple Store or in line for a roller coaster, you may have to ask yourself, Bear or straight?
Spurs coach Gregg Popovich pursued Malone hard last July, figuring the 40-year-old bruiser could fill the old David Robinson role of protecting Duncan.
The question then was - what tactics would be employed and how we would cope with Birmingham's bruiser approach?
In 1999 he commissioned Welch to create Indigo for Houston Ballet, followed by Bruiser in 2000; he brought the 1995 narrative Madame Butterfly into the Houston repertoire last year.
A huge black bruiser comes in looking for Love and when Paris can't produce her, beats him badly.
Maggio considers words like nubile, petite, brazen, curmudgeon, and bruiser as "sexist.