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an aerobic Gram-negative coccobacillus that causes brucellosis

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Brucellae are small, Gram negative coccobacilli that lack flagella, endospores, and a capsule.
A definitive diagnosis of brucellosis is made by recovering brucellae from the blood or other tissues.
Identification of brucellae isolates should only be performed at
gov/), the sequence was 100% identical to the sequences of 16S rDNA of brucellae, especially reference strains including B.
Because brucellae are often transmitted by direct contact or exposure to a contaminated environment, it is possible that rather than being a natural reservoir for the bacteria, takins are infected horizontally by contact with birth exudates from other infected animals (2).
Brucellae are class 3 organisms and potential agents of bioterrorism.
Several biologic characteristics make brucellae easily transmissible within the close confinement of the clinical microbiology laboratory, including the facts that the infecting dose for humans is low, and the organism may enter the body in many ways relevant to laboratory practices (e.
Therefore, serologic tests that use suspensions of smooth brucellae are not useful in diagnosing B.
Person-to-person transmission of brucellae is extremely rare (2,4), and human infection may be an accidental expression of a more widespread problem in animals (5).