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a viewer who looks around casually without seeking anything in particular

a program used to view HTML documents

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For example, the Web site of Washington's Cusick School District states, "Download the Firefox browser for a better experience on our site," and the site of School District #104 in Illinois proclaims, "The Firefox Web browser is safer than Internet Explorer, better at blocking pop-ups, fast, and free.
Not only will you get, in my opinion, a safer browser, but you'll find they do everything, and sometimes more, than Internet Explorer.
Browser application technologies have evolved significantly since their inception.
This information is used by the server to track the specific Web browser (and thus, the user) that is making a specific request of the server.
Favorites is another term for bookmarks (the term used in Netscape), and was popularized by Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.
ANT Fresco is the browser of choice for our digital consumer applications," said Peter Hulme, marketing manager for start-ups and new IP at STMicroelectronics.
It has the prerequisite menu, toolbar, URL box and browser window --but that's not all.
over which company's browser will dominate on the ever-expanding Internet.
Winwap has ported and customized their WinWAP Browser and WinWAP MMS Client to devices designed by RV Tec to provide WAP and web service access and MMS functionality.
SAML supports these two models in its Web browser profiles.
Netscape's browser dominated the market starting in late 1994 - but started losing share after Microsoft bundled its Internet Explorer browser with its Windows operating system.
com, for any browser, for Windows, $20) has both off-line and bookmark strengths.
Avatech Product Browser works with Autodesk([R]) Productstream[TM] to give departments that are downstream from engineering easy, visual access to product designs and maintenance drawings.
AOL, NBC Executive Takes the Reigns of Social Web Browser