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Synonyms for brownnose

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

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His Greatest Entertainers list smacked of brownnosing - from Parky himself and the ITV twits who did it to keep him happy.
The truth is, neither brownnosing at the office nor climbing trees, or whatever it is they do in Kathmandu, makes you a better man.
Kerry over BRAC, and it's time for the candidate to put aside election-year brownnosing and do what he once thought was in the country's best interest.
And while Alex was a worthy winner, even she must have been mortified at the serious brownnosing of Jonathan Ross and Richard ``Dr Dick'' Park.
The chances are that you, like me, have a healthy disdain for all the intrigue, backbiting and brownnosing that is generally associated with office politicking.
While you may shrug off what you deem to be brownnosing, keep in mind that those students may have an advantage over you.
They know exactly how susceptible you are to flattery and brownnosing.
Thus, two decades after Riesman chronicled the moral poverty of the corporate poltroon, faux-feminist magazines began appropriating for their sex the brownnosing and venal chicanery that men had so long mastered.