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Synonyms for brownish-yellow

of a medium to dark brownish yellow color

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Coloration (Figs 69-72): Carapace low, flat, dark brown with median brownish-yellow longitudinal stripe, slightly broader in posterior part of ocular area, with two lateral yellow bands, covered with white adpressed hairs.
The reagent ninhydrin is applied and the resulting reaction turns the primary amino acids a bluish color and the secondary amino acids brownish-yellow.
5 cm thick, equal with a small bulb at the base, tough and pliant, smooth, yellowish above and dark brown below; the base strigose with brownish-yellow tomentum.
Bartletts should be pale yellow to rich yellow, Anjous or Cornices should be light green to yellowish-green, and Boscs should be greenish-yellow to brownish-yellow.
My eyes were already prickling when someone pointed out a plume of dull brownish-yellow smoke rising from an explosion not far away - mustard gas.
As they were mopping up, a 2-1/2- to 3-gallon plastic jug containing a brownish-yellow liquid spilled, said department spokesman Tommie Wofford.
As plasticene, Fruit body yellow toward a white sterile tomentose margin; colors vary flesh, olive-yellow, brownish-yellow, chestnut; blood-red when wounded, 1992, might speak of process, in-exactness, temporality, the model not the thing; as neoprene, permanent, it is the thing, and looks back on all that preceded it.
Nitrous oxides from motor exhaust add a brownish-yellow tinge to the smog, and high summer humidity exacerbates the problem.
Female terminalia: Segment 7 longer than 6, ventrally-directed downward; sternite 7 trapezoidal; sternite 8 brownish-yellow, subdivided; hypoproct shiny orange, with 2 small fine setulae; cercus dark brown, long setulose; 3 brown sclerotised spherical spermathecae present.
Hind tibia orange white, with rough, dark-brown or brownish-yellow scales before midian spur and terminally.
A piece of coarse, brownish-yellow cloth with a green stripe loosely covers the leathery skin of a Peruvian who died more than 500 years ago.
Head and mesosoma medium brown to blackish-brown, gaster usually blackish-brown, often darker than head and mesosoma, tarsi and mandibles pale, and antennae brownish-yellow.