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of dark brownish to purplish red


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The statement described the bird as gray in color with a brownish-red cap and black throat.
She looked gorgeous in a dark brownish-red lehenga, high neck choli and black dupatta which were designed by her friend and designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
maculates), have two kinds of pigmentary organelles, brownish-red pterinosomes and yellow carotenoid vesicles (8).
The downside of using iodine is the water turns into a murky brownish-red color and carries a slight taste of iodine.
2,4 In addition, there may be brownish-red pigmentation and induration.
The brownish-red soils reflect red wavelengths of light back to the grapes, so you get better color, better fruitfulness," he says.
Adults are 4-6 mm long, flattened, oval and wingless, and brown to brownish-red (Figure, panel A) (1).
According to the American Medical Association, the flat, oval, brownish-red creatures, which measure about five millimeters, do not transmit any diseases.
Elegant countertops in brownish-red granite were finished with graceful European-style ogee edges and inspired the coordinating custom granite top for the Bakers' existing Ethan Allen gate-leg table.
Clinical features of lupus vulgaris are the softness of the lesions, the brownish-red colour, and the slow evolution.
Tongkat ali, which scientists call Eurycoma longifolia, is a slender evergreen shrub with bitter, brownish-red fruit that is native to Malaysia and Indonesia.
Miss Maryland Brittany Lietz first noticed a longstanding, brownish-red mole on her back that bled when irritated.
Americans and others took their turns, too, wearing the brownish-red stain on their hands and feet until the wedding day.
Herring was one of the most popular fish then and - as there were no fridges - salting and smoking were the best ways to preserve it, a process that turned the fish a brownish-red.