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of dark brownish to purplish red


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According to the American Medical Association, the flat, oval, brownish-red creatures, which measure about five millimeters, do not transmit any diseases.
Elegant countertops in brownish-red granite were finished with graceful European-style ogee edges and inspired the coordinating custom granite top for the Bakers' existing Ethan Allen gate-leg table.
Tongkat ali, which scientists call Eurycoma longifolia, is a slender evergreen shrub with bitter, brownish-red fruit that is native to Malaysia and Indonesia.
Miss Maryland Brittany Lietz first noticed a longstanding, brownish-red mole on her back that bled when irritated.
Americans and others took their turns, too, wearing the brownish-red stain on their hands and feet until the wedding day.
Herring was one of the most popular fish then and - as there were no fridges - salting and smoking were the best ways to preserve it, a process that turned the fish a brownish-red.
The oldest paintings survived in the present-day area of the Finnic and Lapp populations are rock paintings of figures covered with yellowish-red or brownish-red ochre.
Most describe the snowman as being over six feet, ape-like with human characteristics and covered with short brownish-red hair.
Once almost entirely green, the image from space is now one of a brownish-red barren land that is literally bleeding topsoil off the coast into the ocean.
A huge column of brownish-red smoke continues to hang over this world-famous skyline.
Lazarevic is described as being white, 5 feet 1 inch tall, weighing 140 pounds and having brownish-red hair.
For two of the walls, Elisa chose a sunny yellow shade called Turmeric, contrasted with Ancient Earth, a rich brownish-red colour for the rest of the room, including the tiles.
2]), a brownish-red gas that can trigger heavy breathing, coughing, and asthma.
The cold air and the brownish-red leaves covering the grassy grounds were a sign that another Chicago winter was fast approaching.
High above treeline, where the air thins and even simple tasks can require special effort, the summit's barren, wind-swept landscape of brownish-red volcanic ash presents an otherworldly appearance.