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Synonyms for brownish-green

of green tinged with brown


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In Alexandria, a state prosecutor says they are investigating a Chinese company after two of its shipments from China were found to contain 25 tons of material in the khaki and brownish-green style worn by soldiers.
An octopus is typically gray or brownish-green, but it can instantaneously change its skin color, opacity and ability to reflect light, depending upon the situation it finds itself in, or even its mood.
Tanzanite is a variety of zoisite, which in the "rough," is seen as a brownish-green color.
Once gessoed, students tinted the surface ground with a dead color, like brownish-green.
The fish was recognized as the loosetooth parrotfish based on its general body morphology, large scalation, and rather drab brownish-green coloration (Fig.
describes mappa as a burl from Central Europe that is white to brownish-green in color.
But on closer look, the water appears brownish-green, and some of its once-booming beaches are covered with rotting fish and dead barnacles.